Tamara Peacock

President/ Project Architect


In the architectural profession since 1976, Ms. Peacock has designed and managed literally hundreds of projects which include land use planning, design development, production, and contract administration for public sector and private commercial projects throughout Florida. Public sector projects include parks and recreational facilities and schools across three counties. Ms. Peacock has enjoyed a number of master planning and city re-development projects; her background in historic preservation, which brought her the opportunity to work with Donald Trump on Mar-A-Lago, is reflected in her community-based approach to city re-development and community appearance. Ms. Peacock received her BA Architecture from the University of Florida in 1979, where she also received her Masters in Architecture in 1981. She has held an active Architectural Registration in the State of Florida since 1987 (AA 0002526), is CPTED Certified, ADA Certified and teaches Principles and Practices of Architecture at Florida Atlantic University.